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Top 3 use-cases
  • Stop account Takeovers - Protect your online accounts
  • Secure login your OS - Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • One YubiKey use with all platforms

YubiKey 5 Series: The Passwordless Key
Get strong multi-factor authentication that’s easy to use and reduces IT costs—all from the trusted leader in modern enterprise authentication. Relying solely on username and password security puts enterprise data at risk Catastrophic security breaches top world headlines every day, and for good reason. A single corporate security breach costs an average of $3.86M, and 81% of breaches are caused by stolen or weak passwords. As a result, IT organizations can’t rely exclusively on passwords to protect access to corporate data. They have to adopt stronger employee and customer authentication—or risk becoming the next target.

The YubiKey 5 Series security keys enable a passwordless future
The YubiKey 5 Series is a hardware based authentication solution that provides superior defense against phishing, eliminates account takeovers and enables compliance for strong authentication. The YubiKey offers strong authentication with support for multiple protocols, including FIDO2 the new standard enabling the replacement of weak password-based authentication. With the YubiKey, security is heightened by replacing passwords with strong hardware-based authentication using public key cryptography. And the YubiKey is easy to use, fast and reliable and is proven at scale to significantly reduce IT costs and eliminate account takeovers.

The YubiKey 5 Series security keys deliver expanded authentication options
● Strong Single Factor—Passwordless: Replaces weak passwords with passwordless login such as secure tap-n-go.
● Strong Two Factor—Password + Authenticator: Second factor with a touch for secure two factor authentication.
● Strong Multi-Factor—Passwordless + PIN: Multi-factor combining a hardware authenticator with user touch and a PIN, to solve high assurance requirements such as financial transactions, or submitting a prescription.

The YubiKey eliminates account takeovers
The YubiKey makes it easy to deploy strong, scalable multi-factor authentication that eliminates account takeovers from phishing attacks.
● Offers multiple authentication and cryptographic protocols including FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F), FIDO2, Personal Identity Verification-compatible (PIV) Smart Card, and OpenPGP smart card to protect employee access to computers, networks, and online services with just one touch
● Works across major operating systems including Microsoft Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and Linux, as well as leading browsers
● Available in a choice of four form factors that enable users to connect via USB or NFC
Since deploying the

YubiKey Google experienced:
● Zero account takeovers
● 4x faster logins
● 92% fewer IT support calls

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